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Private Intuitive Readings with Becky Wisniewski

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Becky will be available for readings on the following Saturdays from 10am-3pm:

April 1
April 15
April 29
May 13

15 minutes - $55
30 minutes - $111

We all have a team of Spirit Guides, Angels and passed loved ones who are just waiting to connect with us. Becky will connect you with your team and give you a personalized message filled with hope, love and inspiration.

Becky Wisniewski has been naturally intuitive and sensitive to other people’s energy her entire life. She has always had a sixth sense about what’s going on inside of people and decided to use that gift to help others. She has trained in the art of Mediumship and Intuitive Development for many years with some of the best teachers in Western New York including: Angela Abt, Lilydale Medium, of Santosha Holistic Services, Elaine Thomas, Lilydale Medium, of Fellowships of the Spirit, and Winnie Doran and Jesse Wicher of Holistic Arts. All of Becky’s training has stressed the importance of giving messages that leave her clients feeling better than before they came.

Becky’s readings are delivered with warmth and compassion and provide insight and perspective to help you shift and get clarity in your life. Her messages are set with the intention to receive information for your highest good as she works with Spirit to communicate loving solutions to your problems and help you find ways to heal and improve your life. You will leave feeling inspired and empowered!

After you purchase your session, send an email to All Is One Gifts to set up your appointment time.

All events and workshops are non-refundable.

Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed.


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