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Private Tarot Readings with Bailee Chernogorec

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Bailee from Keep at Bay Tarot will be available for readings on the following Saturdays from 10am-3pm:

November 12
November 26
December 3

December 17

20 minutes - $35
45 minutes - $65

I have been reading tarot for 2 years. It started as a hobby during a period of change in my life and became a way to connect to my spiritual side. It gave me a sense of being. Over the last 2 years, I have given readings to family and friends, as well as being apart of vendor shows. I have taken a mediumship class and plan on expanding my knowledge through more classes.  

When channeling for a client,  I become a voice for their guides; with the help of my spirit team and source itself to deliver the messages that are intended for them to know. I pick up on the energy of what was, what is, and what will be, with the reminder that everyone has free will. I use the tarot and oracle cards as a tool to help further explain during the readings.

My mission is to be able to connect with people and help bring clarity into their lives. Throughout my spiritual journey, I find as a collective, we feel alone and my hope is to be a reminder that we are not alone and we are all here for a reason. I believe my purpose on Earth is to be a guide for people while they are becoming their truest and authentic self. With love and light, always. 


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